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Motorcycle Insurance

from Meridian Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Customers at Meridian Insurance choose our motorcycle insurance coverage for a variety of reasons. Some of our customers are hobbyists who enjoy tinkering as well as taking to the open road. Others use scooters or bicycles for their commutes in order to save money on gas and make their transportation more environmentally friendly. Still other customers turn to us to insure their dirt bikes so they can enjoy outdoor sporting adventures with no worries. Whatever the reason you have for seeking motorcycle insurance, the experienced agents at Meridian Insurance can get you covered.

What We Cover

Motorcycle insurance is available from Meridian Insurance for many vehicle types and all brands. We cover Harleys, Vespas, touring bikes, dirt bikes, street cycles and more. We also provide a full range of coverage options from basic liability to policies that cover roadside assistance and custom parts replacement. Consider these facts:

  • Many hobbyists and collectors take advantage of our custom parts and equipment coverage available up to $10,000.
  • Cyclists who spend a lot of time on the open road often purchase roadside assistance benefits.
  • Although requirements vary from state-to-state, most motorcyclists are required to maintain liability coverage, including guest passenger liability.
  • Customized policies allow you to choose the amount of medical coverage you carry.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is can help cover the cost of injuries or deaths caused by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver.

How We Keep Costs Low

Since Meridian Insurance was founded in 2008, we have developed relationships with a full spectrum of insurance carriers. Our agents do the research for you, shopping around to make sure you get the best possible pricing. Motorcycle insurance discounts may be available for you if

  • You take a safe rider course
  • You belong to certain rider groups
  • Your bike is stored in a garage
  • You are a safe rider
  • You own and insure multiple bikes
  • You purchase multiple policies from the same carrier

Other factors that may influence the cost of motorcycle insurance include your age, where you live and your marital status. You can get a free online quote by filling out the simple electronic form. If you prefer, call our office to speak with a representative. Se habla Español.