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Meridian Insurance – Local, Independent, Trusted.

Meridian Insurance provides attentive customer service to clients in several different locations. Established in 2008, our agency focuses on catering to customer needs, which is why you’ll find someone in our offices until 5pm every weeknight. We also work with a variety of different insurance carriers in order to provide the best, most affordable insurance to as many customers as possible.


We work with a wide range of quality, reliable insurance companies and can provide coverage options for any business or personal insurance need.


Our staff has been working in the industry for many years. We offer guidance and help you make the right decisions for yourself, your family, or your business.


We take care of our customers like family. We're here for you – whether to provide a rate, assist with a claim, expand your coverage, or just answer questions.

Auto Insurance

We're experts in finding affordable and complete auto insurance. Request a quote and let us find the right coverage for you.

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Home Insurance

Homeowner insurance rates can vary widely. We'll make sure you're properly covered at the lowest rate available. Request a quote today!

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Business Insurance

Let us review your business insurance needs. It's vital for your business to have the proper coverage in case you ever need it.

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Life Insurance

Life changes, and your insurance policy should evolve with it. Contact us for the best selection of affordable life insurance choices.

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Mom's Guide to Teens Behind the Wheel: Insurance Tips and Laughs

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