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Embracing Scottish Heritage: Community, Kilts, and Client Connections - A Personal Journey by Earl McClelland

One of the most significant aspects of my life, deeply cherished by my family and me, is our Scottish heritage. We proudly adorn ourselves in our Clan's tartan, and each of my four boys has his own kilt, just as I do. One of our family traditions is attending the Smoky Mountain Highland Games, held every third weekend of May in Townsend, TN. It's truly remarkable to witness the thousands who gather annually to partake in the sporting events, revel in the music, and indulge in the delectable food. The sight of sheepdogs showcasing their herding skills and the resonating sound of bagpipes fills the heart with an indescribable stirring. 

Having visited Edinburgh in 1991, I can attest that it was a highlight of my life. The rich history and enduring struggles of this proud people are ingrained in our very being. 

Some may find it unconventional to incorporate this passion into insurance transactions, but when conversing with someone whose last name suggests Scottish origins, it feels natural. Despite the absence of visual cues, a simple mention of their Scottish heritage often leads to an instant rapport. Soon, conversations drift towards shared familial ties, ancestral recipes like shortbread, and anticipation for the upcoming festival. I often extend an invitation to visit my tent at the event, fostering a sense of camaraderie that transcends mere business transactions. Whether or not they choose to purchase insurance from me, a bond has been formed, and often, it evolves into a lasting friendship. Many clients eagerly exchange email addresses to share photos of our clans and families adorned in kilts. 

Please feel free to reach out, whether to discuss your insurance needs or to share in the joy of our Scottish heritage. I look forward to welcoming you to our community and, perhaps, to seeing you at the next Smoky Mountain Highland Games.

Warm regards, 

Earl McClelland 
emcclelland [at] meridiancapstone [dot] com 
Direct phone: 865-381-9772